Why Troop 1344


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Our growth-focused, boy-led approach, guided by Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow adult leaders, provides empowering experiences to succeed or learn from failing that are unavailable to most adolescents. With ages ranging 11-17, our Scouts progress by collaborating, teaching, and learning together.

For us, this enabling philosophy results in at least 10% of our troop each year earning the Eagle Scout rank, with several inducting into the Order of the Arrow, the honor society of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Annually, we earn the Boy Scouts of America's "Journey To Excellence" Gold Level award, the highest recognition for Boy Scout troop quality.

Our Scouts and adult leaders have regularly been recognized by Patriot District annual awards:

            •  2022 Committee Chair of the Year  ||  Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year  ||  Senior Patrol Leader of the Year  ||  Den Chief of the Year
            •  2021 Scoutmaster of the Year  ||  Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year  ||  Senior Patrol Leader of the Year  ||  Den Chief of the Year
            •  2020 (Inaugural) Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year 

 In addition to our weekly troop meetings, we take full advantage of the outdoors with monthly adventures, camping, and fun educational events.  Each summer our troop attends Camp Rodney, we participate in BSA High Adventure expeditions (Philmont, Sea Base, Lenhok’sin, etc.). 



Troop 1344 is guided by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, and we are driven by our pursuit to ensure every single Scout is – “Prepared. For Life.”  Our approach ensures that our Scouts gain confidence, experience personal growth, earn responsibility, value teamwork, and develop leadership skills as they learn valuable life lessons. 

VALUES.  We foster citizenship, leadership, teamwork, personal fitness, and spirituality through weekly group activities and monthly outdoor adventures that lets these young men grow and support each other in a safe, fun environment.  Outdoor conservation, environmental awareness, and community service help guide our approach. 

ACTIVITIES.  We maintain a schedule of activities that center around weekly meetings and monthly outdoor adventures that rotate between popular & fun, Scouting fundamentals, community service, and High Adventure activity objectives selected by the Scouts.  This includes hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, horseback riding, winter cabin overnighting, summer camps, High Adventure expeditions, and travel to visit unique and interesting venues (national monuments, military bases and units, historic landmarks, etc., --- e.g. Gettysburg battlefield; DC region U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy bases and active duty aircraft / ships / submarines; motor yacht travel and holiday parades; WW II battleship overnights).

Example Activity Plans

      • Gettysburg History and Camping:  [ link ] 
      • Whitewater Rafting Camping:  [ link
      • Shotgun Shooting Orientation / New Scout Camping:  [ link
      • Hiking Camping:  [ link
      • Horseback Riding Camping:  [ link ]
      • River Boating Camping:  [ link ]

ADVANCEMENT.  We view advancement as a journey for the Scouts where advancement is a method, not an end, guided by 1) rank advancement, 2) merit badge achievement, and 3) positions of responsibility service.  Advancement is not a competition.  Instead, it is a joint effort involving leaders, family, and other Scouts to help Scout advance at each individual’s own pace.  Our activities, personal achievement opportunities, and positions of responsibility are designed to provide the Scouts a series of surmountable obstacles and steps to overcome and conquer, led by Scouts (with adult mentorship). Scouts learn by doing and earn achievements that recognize accomplishments.  This method helps grow self-confidence, self-reliance, and a spirit of helping others. 

EAGLE SCOUT.   As Scouts develop and mature, we empower and encourage our young men to pursue the path towards the Eagle Scout rank, the highest achievement attainable in Scouting.  We believe that this process is potentially life altering.  Our great Troop has a proven program that will get every Scout, who wants it and puts in the work, across the Eagle Scout finish line.  This approach delivers with at least 10% of our troop each year earning the Eagle Scout rank.

HIGH ADVENTURE.  High adventure is the advanced level of traditional Scout summer camp that are one-of-a-kind experiences that make memories which stick with you for life.  It ramps up the basic Scouting program to focus on adventure.  The different types of high adventure expeditions vary from days of trekking, backpacking, or canoeing in the wilderness.  Troop 1344 runs an annual expedition cycle that rotate between Philmont, Seabase, Northern Tier, and the local Lenhok'sin.